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//Is AI Fascinating or Alarming?

Is AI Fascinating or Alarming?

Fascinated or Alarmed by AI?

As a technology professional, keeping my finger on the pulse of innovation is a fun but stressful habit that is necessary for my success. Fun because of the new pathways and opportunities. Stressful because of the rapidly increasing rate of change daily and exponentially to that point that the slope resembles a vertical line on a chart (Everything. Everywhere. All at once.)

As a human being in this day and age, I find it even more important to keep my finger on the pulse of AI as it’s potential to impact our quality of life doubles down daily (yes, that fast). Expressing this potential impact is not an effort to incite fear but to raise awareness and to remind us that no matter the optics, we still have Free Will, and two things always exist.

So…with AI you can be both fascinated by the positive potential and alarmed by the negative potential. Skepticism is ok too, but ignorance is not an excuse in the Age of Aquarius (Knowing).

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